Co-write w/Jim Wurster song “Sweet Melody in the Wind” featured on double CD benefit album.

Three Chords and A Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster

Extremely proud to have a song that I co-wrote with Jim Wurster featured on this compilation. ALL PROCEEDS from the ongoing sale of this album & will be donated to 100+ Abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida.  They are a FANTASTIC organization of volunteers who work miracles every day saving the lives of abused and neglected animals right here in South Florida. 3 Chords & a Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster. Epic DOUBLE ALBUM featuring performances and/or production by The Atomic Cowboys, Rob Elba, Diane Ward, Jack , Karen Feldner, Eric Adzima, Charlie Pickett, Bob Wlos, Jill Love Wlos, Amy T Baxter, Daphna Rose, Brian Franklin, Matthew Sabatella, The Fortune Tellers, George Zhen, Blue Sky Drive (Trish Sheldon), Chris DeAngelis, Saline, Matt Calderin, Jim Williamson & Ellen Patterson, Omine, Ron Taylor, David Thompson, Roger Daniel DiLorenzo. Cover art & concept by Rose Gargiulo.

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