Diane Ward & the Band of Virgos - "Six"

Diane Ward & the Band of Virgos “SIX”

All songs written by Diane Ward (ASCAP) except, “You’re a Ghost,” written by Lizzy McAvoy (ASCAP) & Diane Ward; “Days That Keep Me up at Night,” written by Shannon LaBrie (BMI), Jodi Marr (ASCAP), & Diane Ward; “Sweetheart,” written by Molly Bowers (BMI) & Diane Ward.

Produced by: Diane Ward & Jack Shawde.

Diane Ward & the Band of Virgos: Jack Shawde (acoustic & electric guitars); Debbie Duke (bass); Bob Taylor (piano & organ); & John Yarling (drums); Diane Ward (lead & backing vocals, additional acoustic guitar, additional keyboards, additional drums & percussion).

Special guests: Nicole Yarling (backing vocals on “Pretty Little Oh, My,” “Some Kind of Angel,” “Hoodoo,” & ”Cold of December”); Matthew Sabatella (backing vocals on “Carousel”), John Merchant (strings on “Dodging Bullets”), Ruti Celli (cello on “Starlight Drifter”); & Curtis Alva (cowbell on “Uh-Oh”).

Recording: Basic tracks recorded at DogManic Recording Studios & engineered by Jason Sedawie. Everything else recorded at Jack Shawde’s private studio & engineered by Jack Shawde.

Mixing: John Merchant

Mastering: Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering

From Diane: It is with eternal gratitude that I would like to thank my crowdfunding champions for SIX. Your love and generous support made this album a reality. I hope that I did you proud. SIX would also not have been possible without the unwavering support, contributions, and extraordinary talents of Jack Shawde, Debbie Duke, Bob Taylor, John Yarling, Rose Gargiulo, Jodi Marr, AbFab Artists, Lizzy McAvoy, Shannon LaBrie, Molly Bowers, Nicole Yarling, Matthew Sabatella, Ruti Celli, John Merchant, Adam Ayan, and Jason Sedawie. You are all inspiring human beings. Thank you for this wonderful journey. With much love, Diane