Featured on Everybody’s Talkin’: A Tribute To Fred Neil compilation

A tribute to Fred Neil - Everybody's Talkin'

Very proud to be a part of this wonderful project celebrating the songwriting of legendary folk artist, Fred Neil.  Jack Shawde & I recorded Fred’s song, “Everything Happens” a few years back and it made it’s way onto this compilation. Also, the version of “The Dolphins” that I sang with Matthew Sabatella, and that was released a few months back, is also featured here. Proceeds from the sale of this album are to benefit Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project.

Here the track listing / featured artists: 

  1. The Dolphins – Eric Andersen
  2. A Little Bit of Rain – Bobby Ingram
  3. Dade County Jail – Jim Wurster & Omine
  4. Ba-De-Da – Arlan Feiles
  5. The Other Side of This Life – Charlie Pickett
  6. Everything Happens – Diane Ward & Jack Shaw
  7. Everybody’s Talkin’ – Keith Sykes
  8.  Candyman – Rodney Crowell
  9. Handful of Gimme – Vince Martin
  10. Mississippi Train – Roger Bartlett
  11. Bleeker & MacDougal – Valerie C Wisecracker
  12. Country Boy – Tim Krekel
  13. I’ve Got a Secret – The 18 Wheelers
  14. The Dolphins (Reprise) – Matthew Sabatella & Diane Ward

Now available worldwide!