Just released: Charlie Pickett, “See You In Miami”

Charlie Pickett - See You in Miami

I jumped up high and fast when asked to sing background vocals on Charlie’s new album, “ See You In Miami.” Charlie’s new material absolutely rocks & features performances by Peter Buck, Mike Vullo, Eddie O’Brien, Ian Hammond, Pat Hunter-Mayer, Rick Rossano, Mitch Mestell, Bobby Tak, Norm Sloan, Cortland D Joyce, and Dan Hosker who I know is most definitely smiling down from heaven.

Here’s what Rolling Stone Magazine has to say about Charlie Pickett: Pickett forged his brawling-roots mix of Johnny Thunders, Sun Records and trailer park Lou Reed in Florida bars, then bottled it to in-your-face effect on hot vinyl…That rattle ‘n’ smack now sounds raucously prescient. like a long-lost high-time link between the Replacements and the Drive By Truckers. –David Fricke, Rolling Stone