Back from Nashville, THANK YOU Jodi Marr & AbFab Artists for another wonderful adventure!


Just came back from another fantastic writing trip in Nashville for AbFab Artists!  During my span of 3 weeks in songwriting bliss, I witnessed crazy weather that went from 87 degrees, down to 20 degrees – within 24 hours, and woke up to 3 inches of snow!!  LOL Crazy!!! This pic is one of the writing rooms @ ASCAP.  They saved the day when our other writing room became unavailable at the last minute.  =O I’m so grateful for them because I wrote an awesome song there called, “12 Train” with super-talented, Nashville singer-songwriter, Jamie Kent.  I love that music town & all the wonderful writers I’ve had the joy of writing with so far!  Was really amazing & can’t wait to get back to it!! <3