Diane Ward & the Band of Virgos “SIX”

Diane Ward & the Band of Virgos "SIX" Dropping in January 2019

“Six” will be released worldwide in March 2019! Announcements coming soon about pre-order opportunities; a video premiere watch party date for the first single, “You’re a Ghost;” and of course, live shows / release party info and more!

Diane Ward & the B of Virgos “SIX” features: Diane Ward (Vocals, acoustic guitar, additional programmed keyboards, drums & percussion); Jack Shawde (Co-producer, acoustic & electric guitars, & recording engineer), Debbie Duke (bass), Bob Taylor (keyboards), and John Yarling (drums); Musical guests – Nicole Yarling (backing vocals)Matthew Sabatella (backing vocals)Ruti Celli (cello), & Curtis Alva (Cowbell – “So You Wanna Be A Rockstar” crowdfunding contributor); Abfab Artists songwriting collaborations with Jodi MarrShannon LaBrieMolly Bowers, and Liz McAvoyDogManic Recording Studios – Jason Sedawie (recording engineer), Christian Solazzo: John Merchant (mixologist & additional keyboards); Gateway Mastering – Adam Ayan (engineer)

“To all of the wonderful and talented people listed above, along with my fantastic supporters who contributed to the Indigogo campaign, this adventure could not have been possible without you. THANK YOU!”  Love, Di

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