Diane Ward “Beautiful Ways”

Diane Ward - Beautiful Ways
Release Date: 2014-04-20
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All songs music & lyrics written by Diane Ward except Down to the Floor, lyrics by Brian Franklin & music by Diane Ward. © 2014 all rights reserved.

Produced by Jack Shawde & Diane Ward

Mixed: by John Merchant
Mastered: by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering Studios
Recording and Engineering: John Yarling’s drum tracks were recorded at Audio Vision Studios in North Miami, FL. Everything else was recorded by Jack Shawde at Laundry Room Studios in Hollywood, FL.

Jack Shawde – Electric & acoustic guitars (all)
Debbie Duke – Bass (all)
John Yarling – Drums (Beautiful Ways, Georgia Rain, Lucky, Sister)
Nicole Yarling – Backing Vocals (Beautiful Ways, Georgia Rain, Sister)
Bob Taylor – Organ (Satellite, Eve of a Broken Heart)
Chaim Rubinov – Flugel Horn (Sister)
Diane Ward – Everything else

Liner Notes:

From Diane: I’ve always taken my time releasing music. This particular recording took a bit longer than my “normal” because early on in the creative recording process, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After surgery and throughout what felt like endless months of treatment, I tried my best to chip away at it’s completion alongside the unwavering friendship and boundless talent of the album’s co-producer, Jack Shawde. The completion of this album represents the several lifelines thrown to me during a very difficult time, as well as the love and support of my close friends and family. I am profoundly grateful and I crazy love you all. Thank you Rose, Jack Shawde, Debbie Duke, John Merchant, Brian Franklin, John Yarling, Bob Taylor, Nicole Yarling, Eileen Hochberg, Amy Turkel, Mom, Dad, Harriet, Sis, Ray, Auntie Linda, Vinnie G, LuLu, Alexis & Keith, Luna Star Cafe, Magda Hiller, Henke Milne, Lydia, Carol, Anna, Dar, Max & Tracey, Dr. Angeleke Saridakis, Dr. Mark Chin-Lenn, Dr. Ney Alves, and countless other wonderful friends & fans (you know who you are). Every single one of you have graced my life by showing me your heart.

From Jack: Jack Shawde expresses his heartfelt thanks to Diane for twenty years of friendship and wonderful music. And a BIG thumbs up to all the people who have tirelessly supported his musical adventures. If a tree fell in the forest, and noone was there to hear it… A special shout out to John Merchant for going the extra ten miles, as well as the fantastic folks at Benado Effects, Fano Guitars, Carr Amps, Glaswerks Amps, Indigo Amps, Little Walter Amps, and Welagen Amps for great tone!! www.jackshawde.com

From Debbie: Debbie Duke would like to thank Eileen Hochberg, Joe Duke, Anita Duke, Jason Duke. www.debbiedukemusic.com

Photography: Rose Gargiulo
Album artwork: by Imagine Media Concepts. www.imaginemediaconcepts.com

Album Review

“As a showcase for everything that makes Diane Ward so special, this record [Beautiful Ways] is a gem that should not escape your attention. It is a triumphant and emotive collection of songs that will answer the question: “Where have all the great singer-songwriters gone?” Before you lament the poor state of popular music, make sure you check out Beautiful Ways to have your faith refreshed and restored!” – KEYBOARD MAGAZINE