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The lush and impassioned ‘SIX’ makes it a half-dozen solo albums for South Florida native & critically acclaimed songwriter, Diane Ward.

During her three decades atop the South Florida music scene, Ward has collected every award given by the area media, including ‘Best Rock Vocalist’ and ‘Best Songwriter.’ Focus Magazine called her “One of the most compelling live performers in Florida today. Period.”

‘SIX’ marks a dramatic departure – both sonically and geographically. Driven to expand her musical vocabulary and growth as a songwriter, Ward relocated to Nashville in 2018. With a major assist from Grammy-winning songwriter & producer, Jodi Marr / AbFab Artists, Ward has immersed herself in the city’s legendary songwriting scene as witnessed on several of the co-written tracks.

The wide, sonic landscape that is adventured with the listening of ‘SIX’ makes for an intoxicating brew. But at the heart and soul of this 14-song collection are Ward’s stunning vocals and soaring songcraft. The album’s poppy, hook-driven opener ‘You’re a Ghost,’ walks you through love’s torturous maze like a poltergeist through plaster – “I could build a bridge, build a gate, I could throw the key away but you’d still find me.” In stark production contrast, Ward’s fragile vocal delivery on ‘Dodging Bullets’ tells a story of raw and unbearable pain when confronted with unexpected death – “I’m at war to understand, still screaming at the dark; guess fair doesn’t fit in the hands of God.” Joyful grooves that showcase the Band of Virgos performance prowess like ‘Let it Ride,’ ‘Hoodoo,’ and ‘Pretty Little Oh, My’ are color-sprinkled throughout. Longtime fans of Ward will be thrilled as she playfully revisits her rock roots in the humorous thumper about that guy – the 2 am barfly in ‘Uh, Oh’ – “You’re a million miles away from across the room and it’s my last shot, last call, shoot the moon.” In the stirring, gospel inspired ‘Some Kind of Angel,’ Diane powerfully delivers the divine absolute that is redemption, “She’s your belief the strength and release from the darkness that you’ve become.”

‘SIX’ was CO-produced by Diane Ward & Jack Shawde, Diane’s long-time friend, guitarist, & music collaborator. Jack has played guitar for such legends like Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Bo Diddley, and Chuck Berry. The Band of Virgos make up the most sought-after session musicians in South Florida; guitarist Jack Shawde, bassist Debbie Duke, keyboardist Bob Taylor, and drummer John Yarling. SIX was mixed by Grammy nominee, John Merchant and mastered by multiple-Grammy award winner, Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering Studios.

Diane Ward & the Band of Virgos - "Six"
Diane Ward - Beautiful Ways
Diane Ward - Wonderlight
Diane Ward - The Great Impossible
Diane Ward - Move
Diane Ward - Mirror


“She’s gentle, strong, poignant; her own story will move you — so will her music.”
“One of the most compelling live performers in Florida today. Period.”
“Ward pens tunes that are so damn hummable you’ll find yourself whistling the choruses while standing in line at Publix.”
– CITY LINK MAGAZINE – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
– CITY LINK MAGAZINE, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
“As a showcase for everything that makes Diane Ward so special, this record [Beautiful Ways] is a gem that should not escape your attention. It is a triumphant and emotive collection of songs that will answer the question: “Where have all the great singer-songwriters gone?” Before you lament the poor state of popular music, make sure you check out Beautiful Ways to have your faith refreshed and restored!”
“Blessed with a conscience and a voice like honey in a blender, Ward always finds a way to sweeten her woeful lyrics while stirring up those themes that deserve the whirring-blade treatment. Her gift has made the Miami native a regional attraction.”
” [and] then there is the matter of her Voice. The sounds coming from the (recording) booth on this summer night – ghostly …pitch perfect, tough and fragile at once – boggle.”
“What do you get when you blend the power of Melissa Etheridge’s voice with the beauty of k.d. lang’s? Two words: Diane Ward.”