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Ultimatum – Brian Franklin (feat. Diane Ward)

NEW MUSIC: Super-excited & proud that Brian Frankin chose our song we wrote together, “Ultimatum,” to be the first song that he's released after a several-year hiatus as a solo artist / singer-songwriter. "Ultimatum" was recorded by Fernando Perdomo who performed most of the instruments on the track at his Reseda Ranch Studios in LA. Brian sings and plays guitar on the track. I also got to sing thanks to Jack Shawde who recorded my vocals here in Nashville at [...]

Mastering of “SIX” by Adam Ayan @ Gateway Mastering Studios is complete!!

Album update: I’m so proud to announce that Adam Ayan over at world-class, Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, ME has completed the mastering of “SIX” and it sounds AWESOME! My post production team of John Merchant & Adam Ayan are magical. They are a 1-2 punch of exceptionalism. Someone pinch me because I am feeling so overwhelmingly fortunate and lucky that they both agreed to work with us again and can’t wait for you to hear the results of everyone’s […]

FANTASTIC new album by singer / songwriter JIM WURSTER!

A very dear friend, and one of South Florida’s most prolific songwriters, Jim Wurster, released his fantastic new album entitled, “LIFE.” I was super honored to have been asked to sing a duet with Jim on a song we wrote together called, “Sweet Melody in the Wind,” along with contributing backing vocals on a couple of the other tracks. Super proud also of my buddy, Jack Shawde, who put a ton of blood sweat and tears into producing, arranging, and […]

Just released: Charlie Pickett, “See You In Miami”

I jumped up high and fast when asked to sing background vocals on Charlie’s new album, “ See You In Miami.” Charlie’s new material absolutely rocks & features performances by Peter Buck, Mike Vullo, Eddie O’Brien, Ian Hammond, Pat Hunter-Mayer, Rick Rossano, Mitch Mestell, Bobby Tak, Norm Sloan, Cortland D Joyce, and Dan Hosker who I know is most definitely smiling down from heaven. Here’s what Rolling Stone Magazine has to say about Charlie Pickett: Pickett forged his brawling-roots mix of Johnny […]



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