Diane Ward – Songwriter

Three Chords and A Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster

Co-write with Jim Wurster

3 Chords & a Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster. Epic DOUBLE ALBUM featuring performances and/or production by The Atomic Cowboys, Rob Elba, Diane Ward, Jack Shawde, Karen Feldner, Adzima, Charlie Pickett, Bob Wlos, Jill Wlos, Amy Baxter, Daphna Rose, Brian Franklin, Matt Sabatella, The Fortune Tellers, George Zhen, Blue Sky Drive, Chris DeAngelis, Saline, Matt Calderin, Jim Williamson & Ellen Patterson, Omine, Ron Taylor, Dave Thompson, & Roger DiLorenzo. Cover art by Rose Gargiulo, Mastering by Adam Matza. […]

Diane Ward - Spring in Nashville

Nashville gets hot in June

Arrived back in South Florida from my latest trip to Nashville.  It was my first time being up there right around when summer hits.  Everyday I was greeted with bright blue skies and vibrant colors, everywhere. Gotta tell ya though, it most certainly gives FL a run for its money in the heat department!  CMA Festival was in full swing… the city was bustling and full of life. Enjoyed spending time with some great company and had some wonderful co-writes.  Nashville songwriter, Molly Bowers & I wrote a beautiful song together called, […]

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