Diane Ward "MOVE"
Release Date: 1999-03-23
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All songs written & produced by Diane Ward. © All rights reserved.
Recorded at: Criteria Recording Studios, North Miami, FL
Engineered & Mixed by: Keith Rose
Mastered by: Fuller Sound, North Miami, FL

Diane Ward – Lead and Backing Vocals, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming
Jack Shawde – Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Joel Schantz – Electric Guitars
Matt Sabatella – Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Franklin – Backing Vocals
Eric Davidson – Euphonium
Doug Libinger – Barritone Sax, Tenor Sax, Melodica
Ron Dziubla – Alto Sax

Horn arrangements: Ron Dzublia

Album Review

In a world where art ruled commerce, Miami-born singer-songwriter Ward’s songs would blare from car stereos and boom boxes, producers would be clamoring to include her songs on movie soundtracks and she’d be selling out arenas from here to Auckland. However, we denizens of Earth 1 will have to settle for another outstanding collection of Ward originals, the deeply personal and joyous Move. A followup to 1995’s Mirror, Move rocks even harder and paints with a brighter palette. Textures from wah-wah pedal and steel guitar to tenor and baritone sax and euphonium slip into the mix, but never in a distracting fashion, and musicianship is first-rate thanks to pals like guitarists Jack Shawde and Joel Schantz, bassist Matt Sabatella, harmonizer Brian Franklin and Iko-Iko horn men Ron Dziubla and Doug Liebinger. Ward cathartically lets rip on good-humored hormone-driven fare such as "Dangerous" and "Bang." "Baby Look Up" and "Shakedown" are equally infectious, and Ward’s not-quite bitter humor nonetheless bares some barbs on the why-the-hell-isn’t this- on-the-radio tracks "Let Go" ("It’s just a reminder/That I’m a good girl/Post it on my forehead") and "Honestly Pam" ("Honestly, Pam/Get off the cross/Who knows you might feel better"). And, of course, Ward still can bust your insides up into little pieces with gorgeous reflections such as "Holding on to You" and the chill inducing "Mercy," which features Shawde’s Dobro behind Ward’s acoustic strum.
- "Best Of" Edition of City Link Magazine, Ft. Lauderdale, FL