Co-write with Jim Wurster

Three Chords and A Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster

3 Chords & a Chorus of Lust: Songs of Jim Wurster. Epic DOUBLE ALBUM featuring performances and/or production by The Atomic Cowboys, Rob Elba, Diane Ward, Jack Shawde, Karen Feldner, Adzima, Charlie Pickett, Bob Wlos, Jill Wlos, Amy Baxter, Daphna Rose, Brian Franklin, Matt Sabatella, The Fortune Tellers, George Zhen, Blue Sky Drive, Chris DeAngelis, Saline, Matt Calderin, Jim Williamson & Ellen Patterson, Omine, Ron Taylor, Dave Thompson, & Roger DiLorenzo. Cover art by Rose Gargiulo, Mastering by Adam Matza.

Album release event is on Friday, February 3rd at the Luna Star Cafe. ALL PROCEEDS from this event & the ongoing sale of this album & will be donated to 100 + Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida Rescue. They are a FANTASTIC organization of volunteers who work miracles every day saving the lives of abused and neglected animals right here in South Florida.

My contribution features a song I recently co-wrote with Jim Wurster called, “Sweet Melody in the Wind.” It was produced & performed by myself and Jack Shawde, and mixed by Ron Taylor.

Album release party on Friday, February 3rd at the Luna Star Cafe 775 125th Street, North Miami, $10 cover/donation.